Canadian Medical Association

Thriving in a reimagined culture of medicine: What does it mean to be “healthy”?

Aug. 22, 12:00–2:30 pm ET

In this virtual session, keynote speaker Dr. Jillian Horton will share her insights on the causes of physician burnout and suggest ways to create a new medical culture that prioritizes physical and mental well-being and embraces equity and diversity.

She will be joined by occupational medicine expert Dr. Aditi Amin and patient advocate Michelle Hamilton-Page for a panel discussion on how to redesign health care environments so all physicians can truly thrive in training and practice.

The panel will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session, moderated by journalist Althia Raj, and a series of small, 40-minute breakout sessions where participants will brainstorm on actions.

These ideas and insights will help inform the CMA’s future work.






S Buchman photo

Dr. Sandy Buchman, CMA past president

Dr. Buchman practised family medicine for 22 years with a special interest in primary care cancer care, palliative care, HIV/AIDS, global health and social accountability. Dr. Buchman has served as president of both the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario College of Family Physicians.


Althia Raj photo

Althia Raj

Althia is an Ottawa-based political journalist and a member of the CBC’s “At Issue” panel. She previously served as The Huffington Post Canada’s senior editorial manager and its Ottawa bureau chief from 2011 until its closure in March 2021.

Keynote speaker:  

Jillian Horton

Dr. Jillian Horton

Dr. Horton is an award-winning physician, musician, writer and podcaster. She is associate professor and associate head of internal medicine at the University of Manitoba and directs the school’s Alan Klass Program in Health and Humanities.

She has completed a longitudinal internship at the University of Rochester in teaching mindful practice, as well as chief wellness officer training at Stanford University. Dr. Horton’s first book — We Are All Perfectly Fine — about mindfulness, self-compassion and bringing our whole selves to clinical practice was released in February 2021.

Panelists :

Aditi Amin

Dr. Aditi Amin

Dr. Amin is a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certified specialist in internal medicine and subspecialist in occupational medicine, practising in the Calgary area.

Her internal medicine work includes inpatient consultation and outpatient clinical work focusing on the diagnosis and management of complex chronic disease. In her occupational medicine practice, she works to help address the individual and systemic factors influencing workplace health and safety for workers, including health care professionals. Some of her current consulting roles in this field are with Alberta Health Services Workplace Health & Safety and the Calgary Police Service.


Michelle Hamilton-Page

Michelle Hamilton-Page

Michelle is a doctorate of social science candidate researching workplace cultures and the LGBTQ+ experience. This work has included a review of current and past research into the policies and practices in workplace environments that create inclusive cultures and increase equity for workers and clients.

As a digital strategy lead in the public health, hospital and NGO sectors for the past 15 years, Michelle has been involved in developing a public health communicable diseases e-notification and resource mobile application, a suite of social media platforms and strategies for allied health professionals, clients and families, and an evidence-based mobile application aimed at helping people cut back or quit drinking.