Canadian Medical Association

Patients Included™ conference charter clauses and how the CMA Health Summit 2021 meets them:

  1. “Patients or caregivers with experience relevant to the conference’s central theme actively participate in the design and planning of the event, including the selection of themes, topics and speakers”.
    1. The overall theme of the Health Summit and session themes derive from people with lived experience (PWLE) and informed (formerly known as: patient informed) work done at the CMA in 2020.
    2. There are a total of four (4) PWLEs involved in the planning and designing of the event; one (1) per session and one (1) for the overall event.
  2. “Patients or caregivers with experience of the issues addressed by the event participate in its delivery, and appear in its physical audience.”
    1. Each session (n=3) has at least one PWLE speaker, addressing the issue from their lived experience point of view. PWLE speakers were offered the compensation rates as all other speakers in their session.
    2. 15% of tickets to each of the sessions are reserved for PWLE attendees.
  3. “Travel and accommodation expenses for patients or carers participating in the advertised programme are paid in full, in advance. Scholarships are provided by the conference organisers to allow patients or carers affected by the relevant issues to attend as delegates.”
    1. Tickets for the PWLE category are free.
    2. The event is online meaning travel and lodging are not necessary.
    3. Since none of the costs set out by PI are incurred there is no need for a scholarship program for this conference.
    4. The conference is offering a reimbursement program to pay for reasonable expenses for attendance (ex. child care, adult care, laptop or tablet rental). For full details email
  4. “The disability requirements of participants are accommodated. All applicable sessions, breakouts, ancillary meetings, and other programme [sic] elements are open to patient delegates.”
    1. Event platform is AODA compliant (WCAG.2 - AA minimum).
    2. See Reimbursement program in 3.4.
    3. Any unforeseen and reasonable requirements are met on an as needed basis.
    4. Each session is made up of a keynote event, a discussion panel, a breakout room and an optional networking opportunity. PWLE attendees are invited to all.
  5. “Access for virtual participants is facilitated, with free streaming video provided online wherever possible.”

    1. Highlights of keynote and of discussion panels will be available for viewing via the event microsite after the event.