Canadian Medical Association


The time is now


The 2021 CMA Health Summit Series was a virtual, interactive event exploring what is needed to rebuild health care for the future. The insights gained from participants will inform the CMA’s bold plan for improving health, health systems and the health workforce.

COVID-19 has exposed troubling gaps in Canada’s health care system and left many people on the sidelines of care. The CMA is developing an action plan and setting the course for bold changes.

The time is now to start building a better future of health.

Diverse voices. Bold conversations. Lasting change.

Each individual, 2.5 hour online session featured a keynote, panel discussion and Q & A with physicians, health advocates and people with lived experience, as well as breakout sessions for all participants to discuss and debate what is needed to achieve:

  • health system that is sustainable, more accessible and patient partnered
  • A society where every individual has equal opportunities to be healthy
  • A new medical culture focused on physical and mental wellbeing, and one that embraces equity and diversity