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2020 Annual General Meeting and General Council Elections

2020 Annual General Meeting and General Council Elections

2020 Annual General Meeting and General Council Elections

Registration is now open for the Canadian Medical Association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and General Council (GC) Elections, which will be held online in light of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.


When is the meeting?

  • The meeting will be held on Sunday, August 23, 2020, 12:30-3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

What is the meeting format?

  • The virtual format will include live webcasting of all proceedings, secure online voting for those with voting privileges, and moderated question and answer (Q+A) capability.

Where can I find the meeting materials?

  • The agenda is available online.
  • Meeting materials will be published on, and we will email registrants to notify them of availability.
  • Audited financial statements will be posted on the gated members-only site (as required by our auditors – CMA is a Special Act Corporation) once available.


I am a CMA member – how do I participate in the meeting?

  • This is a business meeting of members. Membership must be confirmed three business days before the meeting. All registered CMA members are eligible to vote to appoint the auditors, approve bylaw amendments and to participate in the Q+A session.

I am a delegate – how do I participate in the meeting?

  • Delegates have the same privileges as the CMA member category. They are eligible to vote to appoint the auditors and approve bylaw amendments, and to participate in the Q+A session.
  • Delegates are also eligible to participate in the GC ratification elections.

How do I become a delegate?

  • Delegates are appointed by their provincial/territorial medical associations, named by the CMA Board for physicians from Quebec or affiliate medical specialty society. Some are also named by virtue of their office under the CMA Bylaws (e.g. committee chairs).

Can I participate in the meeting if I am not a CMA member?

  • The following can observe the meeting via live streaming (please register as “Public” category):
    • Physician non-members
    • Medical association staff
    • Media (media requests should be sent to
    • Interested members of the public
  • To be eligible to participate as CMA members, non-member physicians must join the CMA and inactive members must renew their membership by August 18 at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).


How do I register?

  • You may register by clicking the “New Registration” button at the bottom of this information page and completing the online registration form. Within a few minutes of completing registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your registration record as well as a calendar placeholder.
  • If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check your junk or spam folder.

Is there a registration fee?

  • There is no cost to attend and, because the meeting is virtual, there are no related travel or accommodation costs.

When is the registration deadline?

  • Registration will close three business days before the meeting on August 18 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

How do I cancel my registration if I am no longer able to attend?


How do I join the live meeting on August 23?

  • All registered participants will receive an email with login credentials and technical instructions one week before the meeting.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

  • A Helpdesk will be set up to provide technical support on the day of the meeting. This information will be sent to registrants with their login credentials and will be posted on the website.


How do the GC elections work?

  • GC elections (for the President-Elect and elected positions on the CMA Board and Committees) are done via a ratification vote. There are no nominations from the floor.
  • Only delegates are eligible to vote in GC elections. The Nominations Committee report, outlining the voting process, will be provided no later than 15 days before the meeting.

How do I submit a corporate business proposal?

How can I provide policy input to the CMA?

  • Policy feedback and guidance is a year-round process, and members are invited to submit Member Health Policy Proposals.
  • Member consultation takes place continually through vehicles such as the President’s tour, member surveys, regional member forums, and communities of interest.

Will there be any post-meeting engagement opportunities?

  • We will publish a Q+A document from the meeting on We will also send attendees a post-AGM survey.


I have a question that wasn’t answered here – who can I contact?